Run Curve Fitter on Linux 

A version of Curve Fitter is available for linux systems but lacks many features of the windows version and has only been tested on Ubuntu.  If possible the more robust and feature rich windows version should be used.

The features currently missing in Linux are:

  • The Sho Curve scripting environment (though pure python is available).
  • Consistent graphics rendering (may appear strange on some systems).
  • Several statistical models:
    • The mixture model for handling outliers.
    • Joint fitting of parameters from multiple curves
    • The quadratic linear model
  • Import/Export from Excel
  • Table displaying the raw data for a curve

Installing/Using Curve Fitter on Linux

There is a stand alone version of Curve Fitter available for linux, that has been tested and works on 64-Ubuntu, as well as other platforms.  It can be downloaded from here.

Once obtained, simply

gunzip curvefitter.gz
Note that the file may need to be converted to an executable.


Using Mono if Stand Alone Install Fails

The stand alone file above is precompiled, and may fail on some architectures.  The instructions below allow the program to run without this precompiled version by installing a runtime for the code.  You can also contact the issue tracker to let us know of a problem.

1. Install Mono  - Curve fitter runs on top of the mono runtime.  To obtain mono, simply follow the instructions at the mono project website. Alternatively, it can be obtained with the commands on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

sudo apt-get install mono-winforms*

sudo apt-get install libmono*

Once installed, verify that the version is >2.10 by typing mono -V at the terminal prompt.  Note that this installation will install FAR more files than is needed to run the program, but I have not had time to test the minimum set of dependencies required.  Please ping me if you are using the linux version and at a critical mass I will figure out how to reduce the requirements.

2. Install Curve Fitter- Download the zipped package from this link.  The package can be moved to a convenient directory and then unzipped with the usual

tar -zxvf CurveFitterNix.tar.gz

3. Run Curve Fitter - Navigate to the CurveFitterNix directory in the terminal, then simply type:

mono CurveFitterMonoGUI.exe

This will start the curve fitter GUI.

4. Use CurveFitter in Python - The libraries used in curve fitter can also be accessed from IronPython.  To do this, start ironpython from within the same directory as the Curve Fitter GUI.

mono ipy.exe

To verify that the example works, type:

 from RunPython import *

inside the python shell. is a commented script file that demonstrates how to load data and fit curves.  It can be read as a tutorial.

Python Note: Unfortunately, the autocomplete is not as robust in Ironpython as in Sho, which makes navigating the classes difficult.  To mitigate this, some class documentation is available at this link.


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