Scripting with Curve Fitter

To make the data fitting and visualization abilities of Curve Fitter available to anyone to extend or implement, all of the fitting routines and analyis packages in the program are available in a scripting console program that is part of Curve Fitter.

In essence, this scripting console is just a Python interpreter with some Matlab functions built in as well as tasks specific to fitting growth curves.  It is built on the Sho Data Playground with some slight modifications to implement Curve Fitter functionality.  If you know Python and/or Matlab, it will be very straightforward to use.  To learn more about the abilities of this environment, it is strongly recommended that you read the Book of Sho from the Sho Project webpage.

To open the environment, simply click the "Launch Sho Console" button from the top menu in Curve Fitter.  This will automatically load all of the growth curves you were looking at into an iterable object name "gcc" (growth curve collection).  Sample code snippets showing how to perform different tasks is provided at this page.  The autocomplete functionality is also very useful in the environment, simply press tab to view all the properties of an object.

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