Licenses Related to the Curve Fitter

Anyone can use, view, edit or redistribute my source code provided that they also share it free of charge.  However, part of what makes the program so great is that it uses a number of other components, which I would like to both acknowledge here and mention that they are under more formal licenses.  As far as I can tell, these are all open licenses that basically give complete freedom to people who are not using the components for commercial purposes.  All but the Sho Framework are also open source.

The ZedGraph Component is used to generate the plots in the GUI, it is released under the LGPL license.

The Levenberg-Marquadt fitting routines are implemented by Alglib, which is really a fantastic cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing library.  It is released under the GPL.

The Python interpreter and engine are from the IronPython project, it is released under the Apache License (Version 2).

The Sho Data Analysis Platform is from Microsoft Research and also includes the Intel Math Kernal.  You can read about the license at their site, it basically means you can use it, again, for non-commercial purposes.




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